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Aug 2019
Their love was never possibe
It could not be allowed to be
So deceptively decant
The way the beach consumes the sea

Amidst the fields of flowers
Where no one would ever see
He stripped her heart bare
She begged him willingly

Exchanging dangerous glances
It made her heart to race
He consumed her every thought
They made it do in haste

But their days began to narrow
The path became unsure
Deceit flared out of it's nostrils
For their lust there was no cure

The parting was barely visible
She went about her way
He chose the other path
That led down to the cay

She sails on luxury ships
He sits in a crabber's shack
They both look over their shoulders
Always looking back

For their love was never possible
South by Southwest
Written by
South by Southwest  Trussville , Alabama
(Trussville , Alabama)   
         N, roumen, Vicki, Santita, Ben Noah Suri and 6 others
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