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Aug 2019
'Pull into this fuel station and top up, Harry'
I don't want us running out of juice on the highway at three a.m"

'I don't know Michelle, it's getting late and we are still away off from San Francisco'

'Just do it Harry, it will give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs'

'All right, I told you the dogs weren't able for long journeys though'

Pulling into the forecourt Harry looked around before letting the two pitbulls out.
Grateful for fresh air they scurried about excitedly.

He filled the van and noticed the garage had a coffee dock.

'Let's chill for ten minutes, Michelle
It's getting late, we need a breather
The dogs are fine in that enclosed field'

Entering the service station they were greeted by an old man with a weary face.

'What can we get ya?'

'Two coffees when you're ready please'

'Bit late to be out if you don't mind me saying' the old man said

'Well we hope to be hitting San Francisco soon'

'Them your dogs? '

'Yes, just giving them air is all'

'That there's an old grave yard son
Ain't right dogs running about in there digging and sniffing'

'Oh!  No disrespect intended. Didn't know or we wouldn't have cut them loose'

'No harm meant son, I know it'

'That field's an old Indian burial ground'
'Some  say it's cursed too'
Hair stood up on my neck many times the sounds I heard late at night'

You can call me an old fool but I believe that stuff about spirits taking revenge on desecration and disrespecting sacred bones'

Harry and Michelle drank their coffees.
'Let's get the hell out of here' Michelle whispered

This place is weird . The dogs were whimpering and nervous when I put them back in the van' she said

'One of them had a stock monkey in their mouth and wouldn't drop it'

Waving goodbye to the old man they made their way back to the highway.

'I feel uneasy, Harry' Got a bad sense of something dreadful but I can't describe it"

'That old man shocked you is all' said Harry

'Probably winding us up so relax'

They drove on for some time when Harry noticed the landscape looked out of place.

'Give me the map Michelle, think I took a wrong turn some where'

Pulling into the side of the dirt road he glanced at the map. His mind worked hard figuring out the route.

Suddenly the van shook violently and the dogs went beserk howling and barking.

'What in hells name is going on back there?'

Michelle looked at Harry.She was terrified and crying but couldn't say a word.

'Relax' I am going to check on the dogs

He grabbed his revolver which he had no permit for and was incapable of using.
It was a show of bravado for his friends to big him up in their eyes. Shaking as he got out the van he approached the back doors.

Inside he could hear terrible cries of whelping, anguish and terror coming from the dogs.

Quickly he pulled the doors open

'I've got a ******* gun!'Harry screamed

There facing him was a savage monstrous silver back gorilla. It had torn the pitfbulls asunder. It's teeth were blooded and bared as it lunged on top of Harry.

Michelle heard a gunshot.

Crying and shaking she got out of the van.

Her eyes were streaming and her heart raced when she saw Harry's lifeless body on the ground. Horribly mutilated with an expression of terror on his face.

She couldn't find it in herself to scream.

Total shock had set in. A guttural animal cry broke the moment. She felt steaming hot breath upon the back of her neck.

Turning slowly as her legs trembled violently she lost control of her bowels.

Facing her was a six foot silver back gorilla.
It grabbed her throat and ripped her to pieces. Feeding on her organs it devoured her in a ****** carnage.

At the scene the  next day a forensic detective examined her remains.

'Put that stock monkey in a bag.Might be something to it'

'Yes sir'

Later that night a car pulled into a filling station

An old man looked at the young couple

'What can I get ya?'

'A couple of coffees please'

'Them your dogs in that there field' said the old man...
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
       Wk kortas, Monika Layke and multi sumus
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