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Aug 2019
Today I don't feel like me
I'm not my usual happy self
I'm what I used to be
A sad soul hiding behind a happy smile
And I don't really know why
Nothing has really happened
To cause this
I mean I guess things are changing though
My friends are going away to college
I've graduated from high school
I guess maybe the real reason I feel this way
Is that I've been alone for far too long
I haven't seen my friends in months
I rarely see my boyfriend
But it's not like I wanted it to be this way
I just don't know when they are busy
And I don't want to bother them or get them in trouble at work
So I don't message them hoping that
When they weren't busy they'd message me
But they never do
So I sit here alone
Waiting on them
And I guess I've been waiting for so long
That I no longer feel happy
Being alone
So guys I guess I needed to say something now but I didn't want to tell them cause I don't wanna make them feel bad so instead I wrote this, I'm sure I'll get back to being my happy self but until then this is just another battle that I have to fight alone... I hope you all have a great day/night and sorry for dumping this onto you guys!
brandy hall
Written by
brandy hall  25/F
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