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Aug 16
Life has squeezed my lemon dry
time and time and time again
until the outer reaches of my mind
laid themselves bare, end to end.
Only a fool could surmise
the complexity of my surprise
when the universe itself devised
a scheme to hatch something obscene.
Time and time and time again,
the painful tear in my ego
kicks itself ablaze
when I hear word of it-
word of you, scoundrel.
How dare you beg these questions?
How dare you keep me up at night
with your numbers and formulas?
I feel nothing but yearning
and think with an open heart,
but yet you keep turning me away
as though light itself will tear us apart.
You can leave me, but I will never let go.
You can die here, but never in my heart of gold.
Sweep me up in your splendor,
take me to the moon and back.
My desire for you will never surrender,
for you the world I shall forever attack.
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