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Aug 2019
Pulverise me, please
Suffering relentlessly
No need for a warning sign
I am a danger to society
My eyes ignite a phantom
fire of agony against my
I want to ****** them all,
tear up their flesh to

                                                 Your enemies are not your “friends”,
                                                 those toxic voices that deem you

Nothing’s wrong with me
My definition of ethical
doings lay in obscurity
Call me the one who
wronged you all,
But you all wronged me,
for neglecting me
What is selfish about
standing up for what is
important to me?

                                                What’s important is that you’re still
                                                 breathing and I know that this world has
                                                 left you disheartened

Me, me, me, I could go on
forever until fiveever
You cannot stop me, for
I am hurting
I just want out of my peril
Please, pulverise me
Just come on
Do it right now
I want to die

                                               No, I will not let you leave
                                               I am no therapist, but you are therapy to
                                               Your sorrows affect me as well,
                                               But you inspire, motivate, push me to ****
                                               Until strength is the only thing that I can
                                               turn to
                                               This world will always be unforgiving,
                                               But you complete me

—                                                           ­                                         
Melody                 ­                                                                 ­         
(Please read this poem in landscape if you're on a mobile device.)
This piece touches upon the hopeless voice that I once had, which is on the left. My hopeful voice is on the right. Ironically, my internal enemies, which were my dangerous thoughts, evoked my positive voice and made me stronger. I'm always here for anyone who needs someone to talk to. You may talk to me about anything.
Written by
Osiria Melody  19/F/California, USA
(19/F/California, USA)   
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