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Aug 15
Today I looked up at the house
where I joined this life
in a single bed under a window
on a freezing February day
with the Beatles at number one
my mother and me as one

My conscious memory pages
are brown and curling inward
to close the windows of my soul
would colour my vivid recollections
but this I do not wish upon me
waves of nostalgia would drown me

Depression is living in the past
I've heard this said to my face
that post code won't lure me
as I reside on anxiety street
about the future I'm too busy worrying
anything and everything is worrying

All our yesterdays should stay there
their taunting can be debilitating
we age, our bodies let us down
trying to turn back time is futile
staying close to loved ones is all we can do
living in the present is all we can do
I was born in a house not a hospital. I visited that house today. I viewed it from a safe distance.
Chris Neilson
Written by
Chris Neilson  M/Manchester, England
(M/Manchester, England)   
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