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Aug 15
I am pleased
Took the chance, life will roll subsequently
Nothing here and now is ever new
Rolling endlessly down and up on a racetrack
Nothing I say can ever appease you
You must feel the hunger for yourself
Let yourself starve, I fill my nose with incense
I invoke my lover every time
Made a pros and cons list, then read the wheel: transit Venus quincunx natal Moon
A time where action must play
A time where you must decide before the scale tips-ips

Jupiter still amusingly sits in my 7th house, snickering away. I hold Saturn’s hand, I wave away illusions: Jupiter holds my other hand, Jupiter clears a sunny path of luck: love, luck, love, luck. Mars, here I am, send me! Send me. I’ll move through your horizons real gracefully. I’ve passed my test, what greater gift could there be(?), Mars (?),

here I am, send me! Send me.

I am: a day-born bird, a small young worm, am learning new, perched upon dew; I self-repair, I turn to you: My Diurnal King, my strength renew.
God, help me always know your love is greater than my heart:

yu grab yer book i hope itz good
you play music, I hope it’s good
The past-long days, I hope they’re good:
I swim I swim I swim (pause) I swim
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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