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Aug 2019
And yes, plenteous are the reservations towards these...latent  indulgences...
      (hnf)  Even your depravity is common [.]


Yea Yea by foster you are found consummate [.]

   Tarrying to wean and wane whilst bereft of ignominy and its tenuous woe [؟‎]...

Howbeit ardent in denial
   Verity remains, swept asunder by the futility of innocence.

 Tell Us, by languishing visceral fortitude, how shall you commence [؟‎]

   Wrought with rotten within...

Volition now deserted as the linn of tumultuous cries binds the wight...

And must needs be said?
   Leaden the cumber of desire
with none to which could succour [.]

multi sumus
Written by
multi sumus  The Wood
(The Wood)   
   --- and TheRaven
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