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Aug 2019
I sit and watch
As an elderly man eats a 79 cent ice cream
From the local gas station that resides at the end of my neighborhood
It’s 10:02 P.M. and my head hurts
It’s hurt for two weeks
everyday the same pain greets me
with the piercing sensation of someone pressing their thumbs so deeply into my eyes then wiggling them around in the ajar sockets like a bowling ball too big to grasp
I’m tired of breathing this insatiable need for oxygen burdens me to no end
I can’t feel my toes I’ve stood too long
Blood pools in my feet as my chest half heartedly pumps blood wearily through this haunted frame
I can’t close my eyes all I see is what I’ve lived
This worn down shabby life worth two paper clips and some pocket lint at best
Written by
Iz  F
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