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                  are  only  dreams
                        until you
                        wake up
                  and make  them  

                 You are the Author
                     of  your  story.
                           If your
                stuck on  the  same  
                   remember  that  at  
                       any  moment,
                         you have
                the  power to write a
                        new chapter.

                       You will never
                  always be motivated.
                            You have
                     to be disciplined.
                          The future
                   depends  on  what
                         you do today.

                      Love what you do,
                             so one day
                        you can do what
                              you love.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York
Written by
Jon York  Arma, Kansas
(Arma, Kansas)   
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