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Aug 13
I love spouting nonsense / like the man down the street / somewhere in the world where / fairies dance in the meadow / jiuweihu, where are you? / I sat down once / and wrote and wrote / until I was writing no more / the willow quivered / suddenly / the little lady by the river waved her little wave / and I sipped tea from tea cups wiser than me / and I wonder whether / the wind swept me here / or if the words became alive / and took me into their arms / suddenly / existentialism unravels / nothing but now / as I twirl / with my nine-tailed companion / sing with the sirens by the sea / farewell to the gray / settling in little stone houses / and / suddenly / the quiet song of the scholar rises / like odorless smoke / curling around the trees / singing to the universe / in sophistication / it begs simplicity / here is loneliness / here is a beautiful lotus / drowning after her lover / in the Qingshui river / here is the Summer monsoon / precious rain of life / here is the harsh winter / suddenly / death / I spoke to the guqin / I asked him if he knew / what it was I needed to do / to escape his claw / he said / shift your perspective / I laughed / what a silly guqin you are! / yet his whisper resounded in my mind / you are as sad as you think you are / and the willow quivered / and I realized in my waking / I am as sad as I think I am.
Written by
paul  California
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