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Aug 13
The master was known to be so very kind
and spoke directly to one's heart and mind.
He would communicate by saying things
that touched deeply on one's soul strings.
All were amazed at the depth of wisdom
which was given with a sense of freedom.
Sitting in his presence was an art in itself
where one could imbibe things of the Self.

This knowledge seemed to be freely given
with the end result of enlightenment driven.
All seemed to be elevated to an awareness
of direct experience by the grace of fairness
radiating from the presence of the master
who just sat there and spoke not of disaster
but of good tidings that were for the benefit
of those concerned in body, mind and spirit.

At times when he spoke he gave a sample
from life situations inspired by example
to cause one to reflect, wonder at the depth
of direct knowledge in which he was adept.
He would also relate some inspiring story
taken from certain scriptures or of history
that was for the most part so full of meaning
to make the message given more appealing.

Like the One who spoke in parables long ago
he would so speak for those around to know.
Such were the words of the master as spoken
which had the effect on any who were broken
uplifting and helping them all there to realise
that hope had replaced despair in their eyes.
The words of the master are keys to freedom
that open one's heart and mind with wisdom.
Written early in 2918.
Written by
George Krokos  M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
(M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust)   
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