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Aug 13
Something indiscernible and gentle
Rests between us,
Like the caverns behind the rushing of the falls.

It lives in the hidden spaces
Beneath language and gesture
And the deafening chatter of

Deep within the rivers of the spirit and the oceans of the soul.

I can feel it in the quiet places;
In the silent pauses when you are
Only breathing,

My face tucked in your neck and
Our hands entangled.

Come here.
Every time,

Fall into a love so sweet

Your sharp edges will fade away
And I will melt into your skin.

It is like drowning and I don’t want to find the shallows again.

Hold me here in the shadows, far below the harshness of light.
Hold me here within the harbors of your body and the indifference of the night.

Hold me here and never, ever,

Let me
Break the bright surface
Of waters
In a world
Without you.
Always true <3
Written by
       G Alan Johnson, DivineDao, Steven and ---
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