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Aug 12
It's all right,
He's not going to snow for a while.

Black and white sand
Shifts through the hourglass.

A large black pile collects
While a couple flakes of white drift on top.

"Enchant this inkwell to fly up, touch the ceiling once, and fly back into my talons."
"Enchant this bracelet to shield the wearer's thoughts from mind readers."

As time passes,
More spells are cast.

More white sand falls to the bottom,
As much as there is black.

"Enchant my scales to be invulnerable to harm of any sort, heal instantly, and shield me from any threat of death."
"If I can enchant my body like this... what could I do to others?"

The hole is too big.
We're going to fall into it forever.

The arctic wind howls around me
As a whiteout erases the dark.

"There are definitely going to be consequences."
"Now I know who has to pay."

"Cut out your tongue.”
"Rip open your stomach, and show us what you're really like on the inside. Pour your life out on this stage."

Fear me. Respect me. See me.

It's too late.
The sand is falling.
I recently reread Darkstalker and was inspired to write this poem. The poem is about Darkstalker (of course), his soul reader (hence the sand), and how he slowly goes insane. With a few quotes from Whiteout. The title is a reference to another quote from Whiteout, and the fact that the Soul Reader uses black and white sand in an hourglass to show how much good and evil is in one's soul.
Written by
AsianTapWater  14/Other/Malaysia
   BR Dragos
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