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Aug 2019
Once upon a time
In a big castle made out
of mashmellow and

chocolate buttons lived
a wee fairy called Florence
butterwick! She wore

the pinkest bootskates
your ever seen , her hair was
looped with the finest

tree leaves and she wore
a crown so shiny she lit
up the world! One day

she noticed a tree
was feeling poorly , her leaves
were slightly drooping!

Florence waved her wand
releasing tiny glistens
everywhere! It was

like a glitter show!
Animals came from afar
They danced all night long!

Florence sang songs to
the tree hoping the tree would
sense her happiness!

But the tree leaves still
dropped with sadness! Florance felt
very frustrated

but she soon relised
patience is what she needed!
Things just take time to

get better you can’t
rush healing! So everyday
she woke up early

to visit the tree
singing songs of joy filled with
happiness and love!

Eventually the
tree leaves began to lift
up so the blue sky

could once again rest
cozily upon the leaves!
Birds built nests for there

eggs , butterfly’s
put on a summer dance show
and squirrels run up

the tree then back down
again! Florence smiled and flew
back to her castle

where she had flump tea
and skittle cake! She sat with
the moon until the

stars played soft music
‘Twas then she got into bed
ready for a fresh

new day tomorrow!
Gently she snored the letters
z through the night air!
Creativity n imagination ❤️
Written by
Donna  F
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