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Aug 2019
Traumatized me, traumatized you. We’re all hiding behind scar tissue, only our outer personalities are seen. Procrastinating on and off the scene, mentally we are in our own heads publishing these new issues. We want to be heard! Re-writing the script while wanting to be first but we keep coming in third. These eyes have seen to many lies, “what are you doing? What are you up to?” Typing typing typing, erasing erasing erasing, coming up with no replies. Why? We’re out here trying to stand on ten toes, masking our emotions has become a cooping mechanism that we are now pros. We have mentally shut down! we treat drinking like a therapy session. Please may I have another round.

Experiences have us all messed up in some kind of way.
Chase Pamplin
Written by
Chase Pamplin  30/M
       Hawa, phil roberts, ---, Nathan, ArielMarriel and 2 others
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