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Aug 2019
I've had my fill of pig swill

said the garrulous pig to the blathering black dog

Have you now? exclaimed the drunken cow

looking menacingly at the bloated snorting sow

Aye! Enough of the swill said the tired old dog

What we need now is porter and grog

fine wine too! fine wine! roared the swine

a hen in the corner, ******, gave a cluck

I've had enough so I don't give aΒ Β  look at that!

what? Look at what? squeaked three tittering mice

drunk on their saki and barley and rice

Over there by the chair is a dancing brown bear

drinking Harvey wall bangers and n'er a care

How dare! How dare he not pass the bottle

We'll twist his neck and give itΒ Β a throttle

Now now! said the rat echoed by cat

Enough of that! No need for that

I've brought you all a share of my dream

A bottle of sweet Harvey's Bristol cream

Hurray! they all cried and drank through the night

everyone of them sozzled not a sober in sight

That's where we leave them with smiles on their faces

all getting on famous then going home to their places

The Moon looked down and then told the Sun

All the animals went mad! Drunk every one!
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
     Wk kortas and Walter W Hoelbling
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