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Aug 2019
The smiles you bring weren't the brightest
But they were sincere; I knew it best
Like thousand little stars in a dark night
Not too bright yet enough to shed some light

So when you finally built a mask of joy
Surprised I was, it felt like a decoy
The unwavering mask resembled you too much
Too much yet too firm and lifeless as such

Do you think this is all your journey to venture?
Seeing you smile in pain was a torture
The thousand little stars dimming with the dark
Were now thousand little scars; gone all the spark

I have watched you from afar to know it all
The mishaps and the pain where you suffer and fall
You have told no one of this side of yourself
But we're here to listen, if you mind do tell

This is not the end, remember this
You are not alone in this great abyss
We are here behind you waiting to be reached
For when you fall we'll get you back on your feet

We'll be venturing this darkness together
We'll bring back the little stars who faltered
Written by
AstralPotato  21/Shadows
       M-E, White Widow, ---, Fawn and TheIdleOwl
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