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Aug 2019
Once upon some whispers
There was a lonely girl
She had a cat with purple whiskers
With it, she liked to twirl

She was called the dark sheep
Of her family
Those words would hurt her deep
As she always  felt dark agony

She wasn't planned or wished for
And when she missbehaved
She was reminded of it
Though her heart, would never cave.

She always held her head high,
She made some friends as well
Her throat was always dry
From  painful words, unsaid…

She finally grew up
And she was so beautiful
She never looked to us
As she thought she's unsuitable

Until one sunny day
A boy with a funny t-shirt
Walked his cat with purple whiskers
And made her look his way

Smiling,he told her about her beauty,
As well about her past
That she should keep the best from it,
The good memories that last

To feel what made her tougher
To shed her doubts and fears
To voice the unspoken anger
To shed sad and happy tears

He told her life's not fair
She might lose a friend or two
But in the end to not despair
Even that has a meaning too

Maybe that friend fulfilled the purpose
To make her tough, like  Iron Girl,
To feel like she's a new person
To learn new things about herself.
Written by
Carmen Jane  36/F/Seattle
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