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Aug 5
The sun glowed by the candlelight, the beacon of freedom rings by him, holy beams slither round her. Deep breaths of selfishness, he.

"How do you do that?"

Biting into pistachios, only to remind her she's a living being not like him. "How do I do what?" Whimsicality exhaled, she.

"That thing you do," He flicks a cigarette into a well that extends into absence every atom closer to the ground. "Walking so naively like you're on water lilies."

In his escape, he redefined every aspect of her beauty. He'd make it the roots of the deluded world if he could, write it down in the books, mandate everyone to take precautionary heed from her.

"Water lilies?"

In his field, he put her through everything. Leisurely snipping her threshold unlike some others. "Yeah. Like you're floating on water; very buoyant, you are. So wobbly and so wiggly."

Echoes of the girl's child-like twitters stirred sprightly through the links and chains of oxygen, water vapor, pollen, and dirt. It bounced off everything, including his soft textiles. "Wobbly and wiggly? Like a fish!"

"Yeah, except you're water, you're a lily,"

Together in unison, like a chamber: "A water lily!"

Their heads roll back like boulders, belly-aches rumble the Sphere, making the sand encompassing the ponds and cities judder and sway like tides.
Are you down?
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
   Fawn and Darrell Landstrom
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