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Aug 2019
I’m used over and over again,
my prostituted heart, it’s all temporary love,
everyone leaves, with my heart on my sleeve,
I give everything I have,
I jump through hoops for affection,
I beg for her love,
I desperately need you,
why am I treated like this,
I look to the sky, I ask for mercy,
please give me my eternal fix,
give me her smile, give me her voice,
I can listen forever,
give me her touch, give me her warmth,
I can hold her endlessly,
she doesn’t stay, why is it so easy to go,
I’m left in despair, she’s all I need,
but she’s always gone, always out of my reach,
down and out, I’m left used and forgotten,
I’ll never know true love,
I belong alone, I deserve to be used,
so just leave me,

used and alone
Written by
Steve  24/M/New York
(24/M/New York)   
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