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Aug 4
I should let you go.
But I don’t want to.
I should stop giving you this power
Over me
But I don’t want to
this age old battle rages
Within me
The head and the heart
the ultimate Stalemate
I should stop
I should stop
I should stop
Letting you back in
And again
Says the head
But the heart
She won’t budge
she can’t fathom of a day when she won’t love you
When she won’t want you.
If I could channel this sadness into rage
Maybe I could muster the strength to close that door
block out the cracks
That allow you to slip back in
Without me even knowing
But today She wins.
I walk off the battle ground
Praying that maybe tomorrow
I will have to courage
To hold my shield strong
But for today  
The heart takes the gold
today I keep loving you
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