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Aug 4
Breathe in the light, breathe out the darkness
And let it drift away
Like smoke into the night beyond the stars above the hills;
Wisps of pain shuttled to the edges of the universe
Where dark matter waits to
Claim it.

Give it away
As easy as supernovas release the radiance of all our yesterdays.

So beautiful you are that the farthest galaxies of stars
Open their astral arms
To the eventual dispersal of your soul
Back from whence it came.

So, do not be afraid
To disintegrate,
To fall to your knees and break
Into the particles of love that define us.

Our tears run like lunar rivers
To guide us
Towards a common sea
That is the common seat of consciousness between us.

Breathe in the light, breathe out the darkness
And warm your heart a while
Here at the edges of the fire
That burns along the shorelines of the deep.

I can feel your soul is tired.
Rest here, by the flames of kindness that will define us
When we focus only on the light, so
Close your eyes.

I can feel your soul beside me and it is

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