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Aug 2019
Do you know
what is going wrong?
There was a time, you know,
You knew, you know you knew
You knew what you needed to do
to get by
but now you aren't so sure
Someone must have planted
seeds of discord
into the fertile ground of your heart
See how they have grown
See how they have grown
Over and Over
See how they have grown, over-grown

Now you know,
You know
the reason I've been singing
that same sad song all evening
you sing with me, too
Come on and sing with me, too
La la la la land, we are going to
La la la la land, we are floating to
La la la la land, we are never turning back
No turning back or ever even thinking we've been gone

We all know what's going wrong
We can feel it in our bones, we feel it
In our bones
Already told you there's no looking back
Say it again, it is worth being said
Violets are blue and roses are red
red as the blood that pours out of your head
pumping with the slowing pace
of your heartbeat
Lucky shot, can't shoot worth a ****
Must have been fate
though it showed up late
for dinner
james arthur casey
Written by
james arthur casey
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