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Aug 2019
This is not going to be easy. It is not a small thing. It is going to hurt, and, in all truth, it will ******* up.

Your life is going to change, and while it's not going to change for the better, you will make the most you can with this giant mess you were given. This giant mess of ****. This sadness.

You will be numb for so long, you will begin to open your skin with ***** serrated points, looking inside to try and find your mind.

You'll **** people you can't even remember *******, can't even remember the names of, people you pray you'll never see again.

When you can't take the sadness any longer, you'll develop a taste for speed, and the little orange pills will be the only way you are able to have movement and speech and a fake smile. It will destroy your body.

All of it.

But you will get through it. You'll claw your way out of the hole in the ground you once buried yourself in. It is worth it. Don't give up. Feel this pain, because it's going to be with you for the rest of our lives.

And we'll be okay.
Written by
MJ  Seattle
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