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Aug 2019
I can feel the breeze of the winter wind my body's covered with goosebumps on the layers if my skin I have no money to eat so I search the bins people laugh but they don't know the life that iv lived and the days of my children's life iv missed as I walk with my sweat soaked skin this summer of the homeless and there sun kissed skin have you some spare change sir he replays get a job but I fill with fire from within smile politely and say I'm hungry and shake my tin you wonder why I look I'll Ill and I'm thin banging on the council door please please let me in I haven't slept in a bed since I was 15 now I'm 35 I live a ***** life 35 no achievements accomplished in life so they overdose on drugs to get of the streets for the night please please surly this is not morally right enjoy your bed tonight why I sleep in needle soaked bushes just so I don't get attacked tonight what happened to the world putting things right I get moved on if I don't stay out of sight as I said be comfy in ur bed as I sit outside Salvation Army being kept awake by this hunger pain that keep my eyes wide and that rumbles from inside me
Written by
daryll smith  milton keynes
(milton keynes)   
   Bogdan Dragos
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