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Aug 2019
I’m sure you’ve been around to see
There is this thing called ther-a-py

Once I went into this room
This girl, she asked me how I do

So schools been good? she asked
Sure, Sure, I answer fast

This girl, I do not know her well
But I know her just enough to tell

I won’t be pouring out my heart
I will not show my broken parts

She expects to show up just one night
And dig deep down into my life

So first, she says, I have to question
Through all of this so-clear depression

Ever the thought inside your brain
To cause yourself a physical pain?

Or a single thought inside your head
That you might wish that you were dead?

No, not once, not ever, I say,
Not a single time, not every day

But had she just rolled up my sleeve
She’d see the bitter scars that bleed

And had she cared to see my hand
Would never claim to understand
Written by
Elkay  The Individualist෴
(The Individualist෴)   
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