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Aug 2019
It all started to hit me, all those faded and unnoticed memories that I would have never thought would come back to my consciousness. Sometimes life could happen to you in a blink of an eye, in a glimmer of a star, in a flicker of a street light, and you wouldn't even have the time to comprehend it all.

Five years. Five long, outrageous, adventurous, painful and beautiful years of my life was spent in this place. A place that I never thought would eventually be calling home.

When I knew that in just a short amount of time I would leave my newly found home, newly found friends, there was a moment that all my emotions was crumpled together like a forming blackhole. It was one of the first times where I had absolutely no idea how I was feeling in me. Sadness, relief, happiness, anger, hollowness, it all felt the same to me.

It took me awhile to understand where I was in my life. I was in an intersection. An intersection between two different chapters, eras and paths of my life. I never thought that the day would come. But it did. And now I finally understand it all.

Thank you. To everyone I met, everyone I loved, everyone I hated. We'll meet again soon one day eventually, so just for right now, goodbye;
from a short film i made of the same title
Mr Quiet
Written by
Mr Quiet  18/M/Philippines
   BR Dragos
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