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Aug 2
I had waited for you every day of my life
I had looked unto you to help deal with my strife

Just a day is how long that sweet feeling survived
That night that I found you, that night you arrived

And though I’d learned only one thing from my past
That good things come slow, but would not last

I believed in you, my Glitzy girl,
Once upon a time, in long-ago world

I learned from you we are our own
We are who we are within our bones

And to force something not meant to be
Is a fruitless, drawn-out tragedy

I taught you things not another could
A journey, I’m afraid, was misunderstood

I had given countless hours away
To push you through each stubborn day

Only then to figure out that I
Was only there to help you by

It was with someone else you belong
I was there only to help you along

And looking back on what we had
There’s just one thing that makes me sad

Our journey I have not and do not regret
Even through all of the blood and the sweat

I thought it was you who were meant for me
but me for you is what turned out to be

And that’s okay, but now left behind
I hurt that you will not look back on and find

All of the hard work that I did for you
And, in return, love me for it too

Just know that I did give it all that I had,
Through the all of the weather, the good and the bad

So that you could find your happiness
Even if with another, in a far away place

If I could call you back to me
Know I'd leave you there to be

I'm glad I could help you find your way
But know that I still feel the pain

I'm glad I could give to you the world
though it still hurts me, Glitzy girl
To Glitzy, my reining horse.
Written by
LK  The Individualist෴
(The Individualist෴)   
   mercy party
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