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Jul 2019
You tell me not to cry...
So my tears i keep to myself...
I doubt you'll miss me,
You'll be okay.
That's who you are,
But I'm sorry but I'm not the same.
Yes, I'm a pain.
But at the moment I don't care,
Cause you know you're not really fare.
How hard is it for you to spare,
Just a moment with me in prayer.
You think i want so much,
But all I want to see is your devotion to me,
But I guess the buzz is better than the rest.
I don't think I've had a love that is so cold.
But I guess passion dies down as you get older.
I comfort myself with the words...
"You're going to loose her"
But like birds
Flying from North to South,
She has something that there is no cure...
I guess you've turned me into a liar too...
Where i seek the comfort of a special brew,
Of depression pills, allergy pills and a shot of *** or two.
Celeste Nicole Cook
Written by
Celeste Nicole Cook  U.A.E
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