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Jul 31
Ever had the urge to sneeze but just when it was about to come out it doesn't?

Ever sneezed and it hurt because it was too hard, so sneezing wasn't as nice as it usually is?

Sometimes you ever eat something so good or do something so bad for the sake of "good" but regret it later?

Ever wanted to cry or scream or just....nvadjknajnvsknv, yet your body didn't seem to agree?

Ever looked in the mirror and realized the person you were looking at isn't the same person you once innocently acknowledged as you when you were younger?

Ever think about the fact that your reflection is looking back at someone else with far worse than any strangers judgment?

Ever smiled in someone's face when you wanted to die, just so that you wouldn't **** their mood?

Ever just chewed on food but didn't dare swallow because you were too fat to deserve to eat for the day?

Ever had them whispering in your ear how worthless, valueless, pointless and otiose you were?

Ever been so drugged up on depression that the only thing you held as truth was the poison you'd willingly swallow called mental abuse and pessimism?

Ever wanted to scrub your skin and erase its color, paint it darker, perm your hair straight no matter the chemicals, fry it to fro no matter the damage, hurt yourself with self-hatred, wanted to just cease to exist because you feel like at least your family for once would actually get along or care about someone if you were gone, because you're not what they got to control?

Ever just silently suffered and forgot?

Ever went through some traumatic experience and was forced to "let go" because no one else cared?

Felt any pain or discomfort reading this?

Well, that's my demon for you.
4:57 AM
Written by
BoringBoy  19/M
   BR Dragos
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