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Aug 2019
For I know now that I must just let her go.....but how do I do this I don't know
....For She was and still is the love of my life
I want to let her know I will be here and if she ever needs me no matter the problem big or small.....she must get to that phone pick it up and matter if it's day or night no matter what time at all
I will be there ....I will get there to help you baby in your time of need...that's how much I love you ...if I am with someone or in work or in bed cause it's 2am it don't matter I will be there..and I think you know this to be true.......all my life I waited for a girl like you ...and when I finally had you I blew it ......plain and simple I ******* it up big time.....I will spend the rest of my days remembering our time together.....and yes baby I will forever ...if I must now move on...take a deep breath and accept that you are will not be easy but this I must do
I will never look back at our time together with any regret .....and that sparkle in your eyes and that smile on your face I will NEVER forget
So my little princess sleep well every night......and remember what I tell you now and know I will be your guiding light
I will always be here and will never be far from you......
For I know when I lost you so were gone were my feelings for love .......because I know baby you were sent to me from above take care of me and ease all of my did all that and so much more ......I could have fixed it all before you showed me the door..
I can't say that I won't write anymore ....but it will not be for a bit that's for sure
The last words that I say right now....I will always love you and to love someone else as I loved you I don't think I could know how
No matter what happens the love I have for you shall live in my heart and the memories in my head......and they all will stay with me till long after I am dead.
#keep on believeing
Written by
T  M
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