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Jul 2019
I think I know you, Everyday, 9 am, since 9th grade I have seen you on the Subway. Well, maybe not every day, we all run a little late all the time. But I see you more often than many of my friends. Sometimes when you didn't come I would make up stories in my head as to give me a reason enough for your absence. Funny, overthinking. My friends say I am not much of a talker. But I do observe people. And even if I try not to, forgive my metaphor taste but you are kinda like an ice cream truck on a very hot summer day bringing all the hope and the light in the room. The little Bell on the truck is like your laugh, a sound meant to alert you of the happiness coming my way.
β€ŒSome days you put a blue scarf on you, fold it around your neck. It's your favorite one, I know. There are a lot of things that I don't know about you, for example your name. Maybe I don't want to. Sometimes people admire you from a distance without you even noticing.
#admire #love #secret #distant #scarf #laugh #bells #summer #metaphor
Sneha Thakur
Written by
Sneha Thakur  18/F
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