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Jul 29
I figure it like a song, like a vibration of focal points of force
without any more type of existentiality of physical whereabouts
a complete withdrawal
a completely unknown and without
it will be without exemption and with no remorse
will see nothing, for the field round me is clear, translucent and nothing but reflections
for I don’t have
so it is all vibrations and waves bouncing
off of nothing but everything and
traveling like a sneeze for miles with winds ahead to behind them
colors we cannot imagine for we could not see the sound but feel it
though our bodies would no longer
be how we perceive today it would feel light weight almost as if the sum of everything
is nothing and that is how we would feel
to be true and real is to be
to be true and real is to feel this
as a feather would feel it because
the weight i feel in my back is from the plumpness that resides within my backside
and the burrow from within me and the
gravity drops on my front side
for this shouldn’t stop you from traveling
though it does and to be the New Being
we must shed our skins and let go
of the bags
never has to mean anything or it does
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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