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Jul 2019
What is so wrong with being big?
Who made it such a crime?
I wish I could talk to the person that decided what sizes are okay

I want to ask them why
Why can’t I exist like this?
Why do you hate me?
Why won’t you reconsider?

I don’t know how it all started
Maybe it was the first time I was asked about my stretch marks or catching a strangers eyes judging me
One day hate just appeared without notice
Taking shelter in my chest
using my brain as a trampoline
It’s best friend shame came with it and I was trapped
They told me I wasn’t allowed to swim
that my body wasn’t wanted there
fat mermaids don't exist
Hate tore my heart in two and shame poured the lemon juice
I am a bitter lemon hearted woman who can’t live a day without anxiety
I want answers

Why can’t you be big and live a big life too?
Why can't I take up space?

I wish I could talk to the person that started fatphobia and ask them if they know what they are doing

Is it worth hurting so many people?
I want to know who told them it’s okay to act like this
With such anger
Such unreasonable judgment
Such unstoppable ignorance  

Why do you decide my worth?
Who told you my body is your business?
Written by
Bea  Today
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