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Jul 28
Never wear a venomous snake as fashion accessory even
w/mouth securely taped or muzzled. And, of course, never
use snakes as enemas or at least be very careful for God's sake.
   In instance of snake bite:
1. Run like hell, like you would if you were on fire.
2. Exercise vigorously to “walk” the poison off.
3. Change into loose clothing & **** white under drawers.
4. Eat plenty of vegetables but no snake meat!
5. Remove enema snake.
6. Insert new enema snake.
7. Get it on with neighbor chicks in heathen snake dance ritual.
8. Befriend discount *******.
Suzy  Berlinsky
Written by
Suzy Berlinsky  ❌💲 ✨ ✅☀️ 💲🤬♒💙😍🔥❤️🌈
(❌💲 ✨ ✅☀️ 💲🤬♒💙😍🔥❤️🌈)   
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