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Jul 27
Thorn in my side;
decisions not you;
hold my hand,
we’re family, okay?

Thorn in your eye;
distraction you;
flee to the night,
leave the morning, too.

You jealous little thing
I’ll always be in your life
as long as you let me get to you
There is no point in leaving you

My closest friend
you will stay
I promised you no matter what happens
you’ll always be my little thing

That is just what happens when we’ve met somewhere before
but you know I’ve already had a life
and that didn’t stop me before
This same old line, sorry to you

It’s both of our faults
there is no blame
I am content with the way
things remain between us

But I have made my decision
please love and respect this
I’m taking responsibility
please understand this

My closest friend
My dearest you
My most expensive pearl
Love morphed into a ebbing ball; intense tides is not only love / it is also the calm after the storm / that’s true love
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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