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Jul 2019
Hi. How are you? Are you still holding on well? We probably haven't spoken in quite a long time, well it depends on how long I've been keeping this note. Today is June 25, 2018 and surprisingly I haven't grown tired of you yet. Shocking though, I thought you were extremely annoying back then and yet now I cannot even imagine a day where you don't send me a message or a dank meme or especially a vine that I have yet to see. Pretty weird, right?

I'm writing this letter so that one day, in the vast future that scares both of us to death, I'll find it and give it to you as a hell of a throwback. Well there is a possibility that it could work... or I could totally forget about this note in a week and never see it again.

But for now, I'm just gonna say and ask a few things to you that I've been wondering alot lately. Are you actually fine now? You're the worst liar I know and that "i'm fine" crap that you keep blatantly saying to me is kinda making me worried. Are you still sending me those vines??? 'Cause if not then I'm probably going to miss out on alot of hidden references and that would be a disappointment. Are we still keeping that stupid pinky promise? I understand if one day you're going to break it, believe me I know how tough life can be sometimes, but I really hope whether you decide to keep it or not, you'll still wake up breathing and have something to live for, even just the tiniest bit of reason to live I hope you'll still have.

Are we even still even friends? It's strange to ask that because we're like super close at the moment and we're "bEsT FriEnDs" but I hope we still talk to each other alot when you read this. Do we still hang out in the cafeteria at the balcony? Am I still sitting on that same spot beside the door (****)?  How's your family? I hope things really do get better with all that's going on right now that I don't know in your life.

Welp this note is getting long so I'll end it with this. No matter what will happen in the future, I hope you read this and know that I care about you. I'll always be beside you and will always want to help you with whatever you're dealing with. I know I can be extremely annoying and who knows maybe I'll be abit clingy (i sure hope to god I won't) and will be a complete ******* to you and for that I'm so sorry. Istg if one day I'll be a bad person to you and not treat you like a human then I hope you beat my *** infinite amount of times 'cause I deserve that. Anyway, I hope non of that ever happens and that we'll still be friends and will still be talking to each other. Always remember that you are valid and loved and you're not who your anxieties tell you to be.

Your stupid filipino dude,
Found this in the deepest part of my closet as I was packing a few days before I leave Indonesia. Decided to post it here.
Mr Quiet
Written by
Mr Quiet  18/M/Philippines
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