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Jul 2019
You don't know
how good it feels
that it stopped
in my heart

before it
blazed me apart

you dont know
how good it feels

i was burning and it
was silly, we are silly, yes

though my scorched
skin was eerily real

like a dream i made up
and I couldn't
un-make up
now finally de-materializing
from wood and steel

i dreamt fervently forever
of you holding me

then i dreamt of being able
to step away
begged, cried, pleaded, if only
for a few minutes per day

intoxicated and unsettled
you gripped me
hurt me held me i know
you didnt mean
to hit me

you don't know
how good it feels

not to be addicted and
choked up and missing you
intoxicated by your scent

haunted by
the things i will never forget
of you

they held themselves
over my head

you dont know what its like
to suddenly wake
away, out of that bed

there are things
i now know of you
ill always remember

you do glow so softly

but in this alternate dimension
you burned me, with kisses, to
ashes and embers

you dont know
how good it feels
not to be rendered defenseless

by your love
when that is not
your actual intention

love, you dont know
how good it feels
to leave this
accidental dimension
Written by
Kitten Yvad
   seraph and Fawn
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