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Jul 24
Life offers us a myriad of opportunities to look at different perspectives. This is ongoing and never stops presenting us with experiments of all kinds, whether that be in our business lives; friendships, love romantic relationships, health, family and every day dealings with situations with others.

Everyone get tested, but flexibility and adaptability in shifting
one’s focus to what may appear as an hindrance to seeing it as an opportunity is what makes life an adventure. Everyone has the choice, go through life struggling and stressing or participating and embracing the growth each experience brings and flip it, finding each sweet spot; revealing the beauty underneath.

Through each experiment and I call it an experiment because once you shift your focus, you realize that you are in control of changing the lenses, you are the one that can alter the game of life in that moment just by the way you think, feel, act and move forward. You can either resist or find the flow and through that course you will find your intuitive guidance which will ease you through anything.

Enjoy your daily adventures and find the play in them. It makes life a whole lot brighter and sweeter.

Written by
Nathalie  49/F/Canada
     Fawn and Perry
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