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Jul 24
Playing with your sable thread, I wonder why you cannot see the same shards of glass and the same trails of wind in my eyes that are in yours.

I know who and what I am. We are exclamations.

For you taught me that, when we first met. You taught me I am not my body, I am not my trauma, I am not my thoughts. For I knew this, perhaps, deep in my kidneys, but I was not ready to let go of the straps of what follows identity.

A man like you has a head made of steel, for my words (anyone's words) seem not to penetrate you.
I tell you that you've changed me within the first moments of us speaking, and you do not see it.
I have written on leaves who I am, who You are, who We all are. If We are anything, what We are. Yet, for some reason, these words flee your mind. You believe I say and believe and dream these things ignorantly, without knowing or understanding its depths. You question my depths.

I am not a question mark. I am not on a journey to 'discover' myself. Get these ideas of me out of your head. They are pre-conceived. You say them with conviction, and you believe them. Polarizing. You think I am blind, you think I am unaware of what's around us.

I am walking through the flames, yet I can see through the smoke. I see it. Eye see it.

We both see through the smoke, yet I am walking through the flames and you are not.

Action. The difference between us is the action. Our action.

And that's okay. It is okay. We dance differently but we're dancing to the same melody; and I think that's beautiful.

Flashy things don't ****** me, the lights of the world don't attract me like moths.
same concept, different names
same object, different colors

There is no need.

when i said "there's no point" i meant there is no point in debating with you. you tell me things i already know as if i did not know. i know. i understand. we both do. you did not change my world by telling me of the corrupt of the school systems and everything else.

do not treat me like I am blind and deaf;
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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