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Jul 24
Dear wifey
I had a bad dream last night
I had a dream that I lost you,
I woke up screaming, sweating
And I just couldn't stop the river of tears flowing down my cheecks

I know it's funny that I haven't met you yet
But I can't live without you
The thought of my life without you feels like a never ending black hole of nothingness
Dark, cold, empty
I know we don't know each other yet but,
I pray for you more than I pray for myself
I long to see you every second you're away
It's a mission to even blink because that micro second without seeing your face, breaks my heart

I sometimes just think about you and smile
And in that little moment, I just get lost
I dissappear into another world where there is just US

It's funny I don't know your name,
Yet it rhymes with mine
If I was a poet I would write a beautiful piece just with our names
Or if could sing, I'd make a beautiful melody with only your name as the chorus and it would hit platinum sales

I know I don't know your name yet
But I sometimes find myself signing your name next time
The bank declined my loan because my ID names didn't match what I wrote
I tried to explain to her that I can't be without you even on a piece of paper
I can't believe they asked me for a marriage certificate
I told them it's not in any peice of paper because it's written in the stars
And they called the security guard on me
It's okay babe, they don't yet understand

The other day I told my mom about you
She was so happy I could see it in her eyes
She couldn't stop smiling
You're just a perfect daughter in law she never had
I still wonder why you took this long to meet
It's funny how people think you're her daughter
I remember they first day my friends saw you with my family, they thought we were related
It must be that matching soul thing that got us looking like one person

By the way, my sister hid our wedding pic
She says it brightens her kitchen
I wanted to take it but I didn't have the heart because your smile really do light up her kitchen

Okay my love, it's getting late now
I hope you arrive soon
I'm waiting to hold you and never let you go
I love you to the moon and back
Lefa Mzondi
Written by
Lefa Mzondi  27/M/KLD
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