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Jul 2019
What have we done to thisΒ Β 
world we were left In charge
of so much trust left In our hands how did we come to where we are now trying to save a dying
In but very few generations
we arrived at the point of near destruction at our own hands bought on global warming upon ourselves but maybe we're already to
And comes down to greed for wealth to many ambitious people Inventors who push through with there Ideas regardless of the long term affects they may
So again I have to ask are we to late In realising what we've really done the total destruction of our planet the very hands that were supposed to care
for our
accually we're destroying It with global warming this world should never have been Intrusted to us also we are responsible for declining
animal population all for money
We do not deserve this world
terrorist killing In the name of religion Inocent lives lost
through guns and bombs evil Idea's they call there victims
soft targets when In
they're just to cowardly to face anybody caperable of fighting back hiding behind
bombs we do not deserve this
planet In truth the only ones that do are the Inocent who have already passed
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
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