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Jul 24
The brightest flame in my life dimmed before my eyes
The light went out, she disappeared into the night.
To another, her flame begins  to glow,
To another, her heart begins its show.

The warmth hidden in her glow kept my fires burning.
Now it’s gone, the fire quenched, my heart cold.
But deep cold feels warm when filled with yearning.
And with this tragic warmth, I preserve your warmth for another.

The purest of affections are yours to share.
You choose to share it with whom you care.
Although my fire is but a remnant of the past,
I choose to share it with you, that your fire may last.

When the one I loved didn’t love me back
My fire burned cold it needed love back
As you share your flame with another,
I will endure in my cold dark slumber.
The glow in the one I loved kept my heart's fire lit. Now it's gone, and all I want is for her to be happy. Though that kind of happiness is forbidden to me, it brings me joy to know that at least somebody else gets to experience it.
Written by
Cameron  16/Cisgender Male/Washington State
(16/Cisgender Male/Washington State)   
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