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Jul 2019
For the general good of life, and that more abundantly, you must pay attention to little things.
Unseen things.
Time compression is essential for even the briefest of glimpses, mere blinks,

A wink,
and what threatened Nihilation of the finest realities imagined so far, is nothing.

****. Again.
"there are universes
where eons go by in the blink of an eye". Somebody said.

Bubbling universes each able to open itself to the first level bubble, your bubble with everything you know in there with you. And, today, me.

"indisputable fact, there was / is a first bubble, light fills it to the brim
and what happens there touches
all, and I am,
in a word, part of that
First bubble kingdom"

Every desire of your heart he delights in.
There is such a universe, before you think or ask,
and you are sort of quantum bonded to your heart's desires, y'know,
hearts and minds, body and soul, 2 different systems.
You know.
Soulish desires disciplined in disciples
found blood washed hearts,
Extrapolate this. How much blood is in the ocean now?

More than you can think or ask.
You believe the first thinker thought you would
appreciate a path to each and all of your heart's desires, one path,
or you never find the way, no matter how you look. ?

Ya gotta beli've it to see it
Be li've
Ya gotta wan'it

Jah praise first bubble knocking
you b just one wall away
step into alpha thought and proceed to the omega thought,
This is the narrow way.
The old way, where good is. You found it, walk it.

It's in beta, so you can fail. Life ain't fair, its jest
okeh, ever how we lie and say this jest
cain't real-ish-tic
be,  don't make me no nevahmind.

life and light, those two team up and kick ***,
evil gets all turned around, ****** if it don't. then

The peacemakers rest, the meek inherit the earth
and everything goes back to normal.

Moral: believe no lie is of, in, by or for actual truth,
you know. Take it as a test.

Like changing your own air filter, in the realm of ideas,
you change your error filter when ever it

seems you jest cain't breathe. You can change that
****** error filter and hit any dusty trail

that seems right, as far as I can tell.
Three years and one month ago, the What lies do I believe? Ask God challenge that --- bio not, not important now.
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  73/M/Pine Valley CA
(73/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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