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Jul 22
Told by many to leave you alone,
but I stayed.
My gut told me I would waste my time,
but I had hope.
I fought in a war I was bound to lose,
but I held faith.
Just for you to make it all feel like a waste.
I wanted you, but didn't you want me?
I cared about you, honestly.
It's hard to find people with my type of sincerity...
Guess I'm the one that got away.
I'd be a terrible actor, that's why I don't act.
I'm not a child, I don't need toys to play with.
I wasn't bored when I talked to you,
yet somehow we weren't on the same page.
I guess I wasted my time,
On another fairytale.
I gave my heart to someone that didn't love me...
You lost a heart that truly loved you.
I'll take it somewhere else.
I wish you the best.
Written by
UA  19/M
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