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Jul 22
She looked away into the orange clementine space
forgoing her right as a human to smile—and I always hear it: she can express it very elegantly when she wants to;
she never wanted to before; perhaps she's fearful of expressing it,
or, maybe she's fearful of elegance: but she prefers not worrying of it
(always thinking about herself, if she chooses to worry):
I will gladly evaporate into the air, feeling my very limbs coagulate
with the particles in the air, no longer breathing but being breath,
Nevermore fearing the height because I am the length

I don't need to see this landscape, and I don't want to see this scenery:
(I don't belong): let me help with more important matters like
your mindless matter, and your transcending hope:
I am not of this plane with the long lashes, the small noses,
the deep hills and wide valleys:
I flip, turn, and rotate amongst the night clouds
and rise with the afternoon grass: I sit perched like morning dew
I am the thread in the stitching, I am the needle dancing around slim
limbs: I am the absence of light, I am what makes light: I am what shakes.

You can dream there, right there, in her ******, I will have no part.
I will be the mustard grains, I will be the sand grains.
You can dance there, right there, in his ******, I will have no part.
I will be the impact, I will be the gravity.

Let me cry in peace:
leave me alone! I think it's time to go, it's time to fall into
a warm clear sea. Let me be!
I don't want to talk, I don't want to see you! I want to get out of here:
get me out of this atmosphere! Let me roam and hop there.
I don't want to see You or you or anyone.
Let me avoid you all in the sun while the bride closes off:
let the door close on me, lock me out.
I won't be coming back, for I do not care. I cannot care. I detached myself from the third date of July, June, August, May, September, and April. I detach myself.
(Time to leave.)
Your time is almost over, say what you Must now.
You won't get the chance to do this again.
I don't want the feeling or the smell of her or him on you, of you:
I won't have any happiness around the pond. I must bathe in the ground, lift the ground, pull the bottom. I must bury into.
I must vow silence. I must for my heart, for who I am.
I want to look away. I will look away from you all. I don't want
my head full of lies. This makes me feel okay for monopolizing this whole poem. Illusions, software — you're shallow.
She is not an animal! Forget it, your time is up. Go away! Leave me be!

Better day than yesterday: ***** men like you won't infect me: boys, you **** me every day; boys, don't scare me. Girls, they hurt me the most; girls, I look away from you, and yet you still look my way: don't follow me. I forgot how to love myself because of you: there's no need to rely on a useless crutch of a man like you, a shallow stream of a woman like you: you all will make me late for class, again. I will not see what you say, I will not hear what you say. I've allowed this for too long.

I don't need you to tell me how to be:
I don't want you: I will not rely upon imperfect men. I don't want you: I will not rely upon imperfect women.
I am here, I am here, and I will sculpt.

I'm grounded.  I ground myself. I'm here in Earth and I need to be lifted away to space: call me by name one more time before I go, I want to forget you and your memories: let me erase mankind from my aching and brutal heart: the truth is I don't want any of you: you'd never love me, for I want your complete love. I want your whole love: I don't want pieces or fragments. You must really love me, huh? I'm not playing around, no more back and forth. Don't be so cruel, how can you be cruel?
I KNOW IT HURTS! BUT WE ALL MUST DETACH SOME DAY! I WILL DO IT NOW! I must be better myself, I must give to myself first. I must be aware. I must climb up the ladders and see Heaven for myself: I must find Her, I must meet my Soul, I must consult my Higher Self. Complete love I give to myself and I will give to You all. I need to calm down. I need to breathe. And I need to remember what makes us human: I must continue to see the beauty in you. You must really love me, don't you?

Entering Mosaic Law and please leave Me be, I'm tired of your taunts: you always get what you want: Everyone Disgusts me and No one is Satisfied, so I must turn away from all of You: learn self-control: you're ***** and the **** of the Earth —I am ashamed: bad! You make me cry: I don't want to: I don't need anybody: I don't believe you: Running away from you, and from all the **** looks: I'm never going back, never turning back; you'll never make me: I'm Hurt. I'm hurting, you know?
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
   Osiria Melody
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