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Jul 2019
In a strange coincidence of fate, Lancaster Pilot Henry Cavendish was teamed with his former boss from the Semperit tyre factory.

It was Henry's job to train the rookies before flying into **** Germany for bombing raids. Now he and Slaughter were on a mission. Slaughter's first.

'Never thought we would go to war, Henry'

'You never told me you were an accomplished pilot'

On and on went his former boss rabbiting on about the good old days in Semperit.

Henry just grunted a few empty responses.

'Well you were a busy man Mr Slaughter'

Henry recalled his time with Slaughter. It was a terrible memory.
Gruelling hours to meet the demands of production.
That was fair enough but Slaughter was a malicious bully.
Many times he called Henry out on the workshop floor and humiliated him. The names he was called. The loss of his dignity.

'We met our records and filled our time sheets eh Henry'

'Now keep it quiet and take control of the plane while I look at the maps' Henry responded.

'I will watch the instruments so don't worry'

Just then heavy flak straffed the Lancaster

'Jesus Christ!' screamed Slaughter

'Keep calm! We are within target range!

The bombs were dropped and Henry glanced at Slaughter

'Look down below! The heart of Germany'

Suddenly Henry pulled the plane up and deliberately hit the override for Slaughter's ejector seat.He would settle his score the hard way without any remorse.

Slaughter didn't know what happened as he shot out of the aircraft and up into the sky.
His face was a picture of confusion and fear.

Henry looked at the skyline then and saw a Messerschmitt  looming in.

The plane was straffed and caught fire.

An explosion sent the Lancaster plummeting to the ground.

Henry hit his ejector seat and escaped the fireball.

Landing on the ground in a farmers field he looked around.

He knew instinctively despite his position he would survive the war.

He felt it in his gut.

Meanwhile Slaughter landed in a city heavily fortified with **** shock troopers.

'Hande Hoch! Hande Hoch! Schweinhund!

Slaughter looked in shock all around him.

Adolf Eichmann got out of his car.

'Take him to my quarters! Schnell!

Henry looked across the expanse of this beautiful country.

His compass was intact as he set out to plan an escape route.

Sitting in Eichmann's office Slaughter looked around him.

Two guards looked at him.

'Look at him! Eichmann will soon humiliate this English filth!
'No dignity will remain in him after his gruelling interrogation'.

The guards laughed and Slaughter struggled with his thoughts.
Harriet Cleve
Written by
Harriet Cleve
   Wk kortas
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