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Jul 18
crickets tower over austin
as witness to
localized flow
and twin connection.

the regular season
of molasses and ice
paints the environment
with laconic sibilance
resembling slow ******
in the woods.

it's too long
as ignominious culture
puts down the war effort
and puts forth equity.
we are together
and are going to be together
for a long time.

weave the rug
as monads
and lovers
weave long kisses
into lascivious past times
and dance themselves
into flurry
and scorching gaze.

please don't leave just yet,
the opposition wails out
over tendon
and marrow
that stands clashing with metal
and guided entropy.
the war effort,
the sorrow,
turns to gleaming blood and *****
as we all prepare
for the summer moon
to break forth
and tell us a good story,
at least once more.
Written by
Lucas  Slightly to the Left
(Slightly to the Left)   
   S Olson
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