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Jul 2019
Fallen angel
I learnt you used to be a king
A closer kins to the the Supreme Being
I learnt that you used to be a god
You could control the moon with just a word
I learnt you own a diamond throne
With crown made of gold
I learnt you were there
At the creation of the first sapien
You were so closed to the stars
The moon neighboured at your backyard
You dine up in the sky
And you were so higher than high
But the creation of ghasty Adam
A creature so I am (proud)
Tricked by not-so-innocent Eve
Gat you misconceive
You challenged the most high
You were sent off from the sky
Your lines and the hooks
Ripped out of his-story book
Gravity betrayed you
Broken and bruised
Left, wandering in the dark
Your wings ripped out of your back
Oh! How loud I still hear his low roar
Her wings were clipped no more
I can feel his broken heart cringed
When I was embracing her feet
He smell soft; but ‘s so hard to touch
He looks good but his heart’s blood is pure
What do you do
Why does everyone rebuke you
The whole world trynna put you aflame
Coz they don’t understand your style of game
why is everyone trynna do you bad
Why ‘re they trynna paint you black
They’re trying to do you; what you did them back
During those days in the garden of paradise
They fail to accept that it’s all part of God’s plan
The philosophical concept is beyond the psychology of mankind
They lack sight
They only see your bad side
They all think you crazy
But they’re not me; baby
You provide and serve
You give more than deserved
Your motives are good and pure
Your ways are steady and sure
Eden still awaits your return
I will be by your side
Where you stay; I’d stay
And at the end of the day
We’d meet at that pearly gate
Abdullateef Moshood
Written by
Abdullateef Moshood  25/M/Ogbomoso, Oyo, Nigeria
(25/M/Ogbomoso, Oyo, Nigeria)   
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